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We make it POSsible !!!

EPoint Systems has established itself as a one-stop business solutions provider for POINT OF SALES Solution. Our services include solutions for Fine Dining and Chinese Restaurants, Quick Service, Clubs Concepts and Retail Merchandise.

With vast collective in-depth experience offered by the founders or the company, we are able to deliver a series of touch-screen Windows-based POS solutions for the F&B, Fast Food and Merchandising sectors.

From barcode scanning, membership service to inventory systems, "We make it POSsible"



  • Tables and Room Reservations
  • Support Dual Language on Screen
  • Company Logo on Receipt
  • Default Selling Price
  • Multiple Price level Control
  • Item Sold Out Control
  • Discount Sales Control
  • Partial Payment Control
  • Multiple Floor Plan
  • Unlimited access level security control
  • Void sales Control
  • Fast Void Control
  • Payment Adjustment Colntrol
  • Accept Foreign Currency Control
  • Split Bills
  • Special Pricing for Promotion


  • Master Stock List
  • Setting of Unit Cost
  • Stock IN/OUT Transaction Records
  • Stocks Explosion/Conversion Records
  • Stock Received Notes
  • Stock Transfer Notes
  • Stock Issue Notes
  • Stock Adjustment Notes
  • Unit Cost Variance Report
  • Stock Movement Report


  • Sales Analysis Report
  • Discount Analysis Report
  • Consumption Analysis Report
  • Sales By Group Report
  • Monthly Summaries
  • Summary Sales Report
  • Sales Mix Report
  • Fast Moving Item Report
  • Hourly Sales Report
  • Cost Analysis Report
  • Sales by Individual Staffs Report
  • Sales by Cashier
  • Consolidate Sales Report
  • Payment Media Collection Details
  • Discount and Payment Report
  • Transaction Voids Report


  • ENT Grouping
  • ENT Limit Control
  • Staff Discount Control
  • ENT Billing Details
  • ENT Billing Summary